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          We would like to take this time to Thank all of our customers, consignors and buyers alike, for your business over the past year, as well as the past many years.  Without you folks, there would be no Ft. Pierre Livestock.  We fully realize that, and don’t take it lightly.  What a pleasure it is to do business in a part of the country where the best cattle in the world are raised by the finest people in the world.

Again, we say THANK YOU!!!

          We would also like to Thank our crew – What a great job they do!

From the full time crew to the part time crew, from the sorters, pen backers, loading crew, office staff, field men, brand inspectors, veterinarians, and the gals that run the café, they all do a tremendous job

Again, we would like to say THANK YOU !!!

          We would also like to say Thank you to all the truckers that haul in and out of here at all times of the day and night – They are also a very important part of making this business work.

Again, THANK YOU!!!

          We look forward to working with all of you in 2014, as well as many years to come!!!

May You All Have  A Very Happy, Safe & Prosperous New Year!!!

Dennis Hanson                                             Bryan Hanson

Ft. Pierre Livestock  

No Sales Friday, Dec 27th or Sat, Dec 28th 

Friday, Jan 3rd - Special Calf & Yrlg Sale

4500 to 5000 or more High Quality Calves & Yrlgs

Yrlgs – 9:30 AM CT - Clvs 10:30 AM CT 

Saturday, Jan 4th  – Special Bred Cow & Hfr & Weighup Sale

1700 to 2000 or more Outstanding Quality Bred Cattle

Big Run Weighups 7 AM – Bred Cattle 1 PM CT

A Big Thank You to This Week's R-Calf Contributors
Friday, December 20th, 2013
Jim, AJ & Amanda Stoeser	$500.00
Bob Berndt			$200.00
Randy Berndt			$200.00
SD Ranchers Relief Fund
Boots N Spurs 4-H Club		$770.00
Larry Kerr			$100.00
Angela Harris			$100.00
Saturday, December 14th, 2013
Frank Christensen	$500.00
Mark Nelson		$100.00
Boydston Ent.		$100.00
SD Ranchers Relief Fund
Frank Christensen	$500.00
West River Cons.	$250.00
West River Cons. 	$250.00
Mark Nelson		$100.00
Friday, December 13th, 2013
K&B Herefords		$500.00
Chuck Willard		$400.00
WL Thompson Ranch	$200.00
Yackley Ranch		$200.00
Alan Good		$100.00
SD Ranchers Relief Fund
Bob & Diane Booth	$1000.00
Alan Good		$100.00
SD Stock Growers Assoc.
Chuck Willard		$400.00
Friday, December 6th, 2013
Dean Lockner		$616.00
Leo & Todd Naber	$450.00
Alan Knippling		$200.00
Rose Ranch		$100.00
SD Ranchers Relief Fund
Norm Stoeser		$916.50
Dean Lockner		$616.00
Chad Heezen		$500.00
Alan Knippling		$200.00
Rose Ranch		$100.00
Friday, November 29th, 2013
Ross Nielsen			$200.00
Dee & Robin Wilcox		$172.00
June & Edgar Bentz		$100.00

Ranchers Relief Fund

            The S.Dak Stockgrowers Assoc., the S.Dak Cattlemans Assoc., S.Dak Sheep Growers Assoc., Farmers Union and Farm Bureau  have joined together with the Black Hills Area Community Foundation to establish the Rancher Relief Fund to help producers who suffered losses in the blizzard.

            Checks can be made to Ranchers Relief Fund and mailed to:

BHACF/Ranchers Relief Fund

PO Box 231

Rapid City , SD 57709 .

            This auction and several other auctions will be holding fundraisers, rollover auctions, etc. to also help raise funds. Also, if you want to donate livestock to the fund there will be no expenses held out, and we will forward the funds on in your name.

            Probably one of the most important things everyone needs to do is contact and put lots of pressure on our congressional delegation along with all segments of our government to get federal assistance for reimbursement on livestock losses. These losses are so massive that fundraisers alone will not save the people that took these massive losses. Our government sends hundreds of billions of dollars all over the world to many different countries. It’s now time for them to take care of the people in this country who feed this country in their time of crisis.

We strongly urge everyone to get the word out!!!!


A very big THANK YOU to all donators for making today's Ranchers 
Relief Auction a HUGE success!!!!! Second rollover auction proceeds totaled 
First rollover auction totaled $102,516.59.
For a grand total of: $164,644.09
Auction Items Donated
Peoria Flats Cattle Co.
	Bred hfr for rollover
Leon Garrett
	Vitalix tubs
Leroy Wicks
	Saddle Rack
Auction Item Buyers
Dan & Vanessa Hight (hfr)	$2,500.00
Bob Fortune (Vitalix tubs)	$5,200.00
Ross Nielsen (saddle rack)	$400.00
Rollover Auction & Previous Donators from Nov 15th to Current 
Fort Pierre Livestock		$25,000.00
Robert Nielsen			$5,000.00
Anonymous Donator		$2,500.00
Moreau Grand Electric		$2,500.00
Dick Knox			$2,160.00
Jim & Connie Carlisle		$1,250.00
Bernie Carroll & Family		$1,250.00
Jeff Merkel			$1,086.50
Rob Smiley			$1,031.00
Mack & Karen Wyly		$1,000.00
Regina Iversen Estate		$1,000.00
Green Valley Living Trust	$1,000.00
Mike Hollister			$1,000.00
Rick Marks & Jared Doud		$1,000.00
George & Lisa Till		$500.00
Cal Stirling			$500.00
Red Traversie			$500.00
Brian & Babs Bowne		$400.00
Paul Lawrence			$400.00
Clay & Holly Schaack		$400.00
Mark & Karen Foland		$400.00
Fred, Bruce & Anita Mathews	$300.00
Devyn Lemler			$300.00
Troy Brown			$300.00
Dwight & Bonnie Small		$250.00
Moreland Ranch			$250.00
Jim & Carol Korkow		$250.00
Mike & Arvera McQuistion	$250.00
Hendricks/Fair Valley Ranch	$200.00
H-S Ranch			$200.00
Bob & Tina Clement		$200.00
Joyce Collins			$200.00
Doug Pettit			$200.00
Larry Andersen			$200.00
LeRoy & Norma Scott		$100.00
Brody & Andi Andersen		$100.00
Keith Anderson			$100.00
Doug & Judy Johnson		$100.00
Paul Bork			$100.00
Brett Nix			$100.00
Richard Nix			$100.00
Bryce Maher/Maher Farms		$100.00
June & Edgar Bentz		$100.00
Billy Kelly			$100.00
Leroy Wicks			$50.00
A very big THANK YOU  to our auction donators for making today's Ranchers 
Relief Auction a HUGE success!!!!! Auction proceeds & rollover totaled 
Auction Items Donated
Sioux Nation of Ft. Pierre & Millbrook Feeds of Mitchell
	Semi-load of 20% cake
	2 ton of cow tubs
Neis Trucking of Draper
	100 square bales 
Sid & Carol Ann Pond
	50 square bales
Dan & Kathy Weber
	1 long horn steer (rollover auction)
Auction Item Buyers
West River Buyer (cake)			$9,500.00
Chase & Timber Hanson (tubs)		$2,750.00
Sid & Carol Ann Pond (100 bales)	$1,000.00
Cody & Sarah Smith (50 bales)		$450.00
Bob Peterson (steer)			$2000.00
Rollover Auction & Previous Donators 
Ft. Pierre Livestock			$25,000.00
Harlan Smith				$8,255.00 
John Iversen				$3,000.00
Carl Mathews				$3,000.00
West Central Electric			$2,500.00
West River Cons.			$2,000.00
Yackley Ranch				$1949.30
Jason & Joey Pekarek & Brady Reinhart	$1,500.00
Oahe Veterinary Clinic			$1,250.00
Wegner Auto Co.				$1,250.00
Casey, Shelly, Taylor, Tate		$1,215.95 
	& Emma Cowan
Gary Knox				$1,192.00 
Bobby Ellsworth				$1,171.53
Sheifelbein Angus			$1,100.00
Ulmer Cattle Co Order Buying		$1,100.00
Dakota Prairie Bank, Ft. Pierre		$1,100.00
Ag Partners (Darwin Berkenpod)		$1,011.52 
Don & Tracey Beckler			$1,000.00
American State Bank			$1,000.00
Lynn & Darrell Metzinger Family		$1,000.00
Chuck Anderson Dental			$1,000.00
Rich Gloe & Donna Brown			$1,000.00
Hammer Head Ranch			$1,000.00
First Interstate Bank, Sturgis		$1,000.00
Larry/Barb McQuistion &Grandkids	$1,000.00
Zander Auto Parts			$1,000.00
K&B Hereford				$1,000.00
Consignor 				$1,000.00
Beringer Farms				$1,000.00
Barry Knippling				$993.80 
Deuter Ranch				$891.24 
Brett Stirling				$871.00
Ryan & Kris Rittel			$825.00
Jeff & Connie Hutchison 		$800.00
Jerald Bronemann			$800.00
Aberle Ranch				$700.00
Jim & Peg Dougherty			$653.25 
Kevin & Sara Carter			$600.00
Lynn Stedheim Vet Clinic		$600.00
Gary Feller				$600.00
Todd & Becky Scott			$500.00
Charlie Carlisle			$500.00
Carson & Heather Carlisle		$500.00
Art Handle				$500.00
Lee & Dale Goebel			$500.00
Mark Johnson				$500.00
Tyson Hewitt Land Company		$500.00
Gail Booth				$500.00
Brad, Lureen & Gus Gran			$500.00
Ron Lahr				$300.00
Gary & Jolene Block			$250.00
Doug Nies				$250.00
Brent & Zane Pries			$250.00
Justin Rantapaa				$250.00
Red & Audrey Traversie			$250.00
Oahe Area Pork Producers		$250.00
Donnie & Dodie Garrity			$200.00
Reppe Ranch				$200.00
Fred Kost Est.				$200.00
Dean Cape				$200.00
In Memory of Regina Iversen		$200.00
Darren Fischer				$200.00
Blake & Randi Norman			$200.00
Jim & Sharon Wright			$200.00
Café Girls Bake Sale			$135.00
Pat Alexander				$100.00
June & Edgar Bentz			$100.00
Scott Word				$100.00
Cropsey Ranch				$100.00
Myron & Carol Weiss			$100.00
Pat & Peggy Dougherty			$100.00
Leroy Scott				$100.00
Dennis Neyens				$ 50.00


We would like to take this time to say Thank You to all of our customers, both consignors & buyers alike, for your business over the past year as well as the past many years. 

We look forward to doing business with you for many years to come.

As much as our business is about cattle, it is even more about people. How very

fortunate we are to get to do business with some of the finest people in the world.

Again, we say Thank You!!!

For more information call 1-800-280-7210 

Market reports, listen to KGFX radio 1060 every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:43 AM CST or KBHB Radio 810 AM (Sturgis) every Monday, Thursday & Saturday at 8:20 AM MT or KOLY (Mobridge) every Saturday morning at 8:45 AM CT. We are always glad to come out an look at your cattle and give you an estimate.

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